31. May 24. May 30. April 27. April

12. April 23. February • • • • • • Krøsset/Oslo Bastard/Tromsø Kafé Skuret/Trondheim InsideRockCafé/Bergen The Note/Sandefjord Feelgood/Halden
30. January 2. February Café Uhørt/Oslo Baracoa/Asker 2017 • •
18. March 20. April 19. August 25. August 30. Nov • • • • • SubScene/Oslo Martins/Lillestrøm Cafe Mono/Oslo FestivalenSIN/Moss Revolver/Oslo
Stay tuned for more dates... BIO Monalia is an Oslo-based band, with deep roots from the mountains of Telemark. Monalia is about yearning, about getting away from all the worries and disappointments in everyday life, to a better world inside, where the greatness, the peace and the savagery of nature slowly gets painted out in the songs. Some of their biggest influences are popmusic from the 60s, with its melodic and catchy melodies, and music from the British underground scene through the 80s and 90s, with its floaty, psychedelic and introverted soundscape. In May 2015, they released their first singel, "My Little Lies", on the Norwegian label, Ghost Town. The song got air time on the biggest radio stations in Norway, and was playlisted on German radio, as well as recieving a lot of good reviews in international music blogs. Their debut EP with the fitting title, "Waited All Too Long", which was released in May 2016, also got regularly airplay on Norwegian national radio and many good reviews in different music blogs. Stine Helen Tunstrøm - Vocals Terje Halmrast - Vocals/guitar Svein Petter Nilssen – Guitar Bendik Dræge Orvan – Bass Vegar Eriksfallet – Drums